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Head of Faculty Full Time

Head of Faculty in Birmingham


We are looking for a Head of Faculty of English to;

This person will be responsible for; Planning, development and co-ordination 

  • To take the lead within the staff of your faculty to select and prepare resources for the subject area.
  • To contribute to teaching teams, meetings and events in the delivery of the subject.
  • To take the lead in co-ordinating support for staff to understand the teaching and learning aspects of the subject. 
  • To plan opportunities for students to learn in out of school contexts within the subject.
  • To lead your team in producing long- and medium-term planning for the delivery of the subject area within required deadlines.
  • To lead or contribute to professional development activities as part of the planned programme for the school and to promote the sharing of good practice in the subject area.
  • To devise, implement and review the Faculty development plan in conjunction with the Senior Management Team and/or line manager.
  • To evaluate the impact of the Faculty development plan and report to Governors and staff on your findings.

Monitoring and assessment

  • To be responsible for the development of Assessment within your Faculty.
  • To identify and support students’ progress and attainment within the subject.
  • To make appropriate use of the Faculty’s monitoring and assessment data and strategies to evaluate students' progress towards planned learning objectives within the subject.
  • To use monitoring and assessment information to improve planning and teaching within the subject.
  • To monitor and assess the effectiveness of learning activities and provide immediate and constructive feedback to other Teachers delivery of the subject.
  • To drive Assessment for Learning within your Faculty by supporting staff in involving students in reflecting on, evaluating and improving their own performance and progress within the subject.
  • To assess students' progress accurately against appropriate standards within the subject.

Teaching and class management 

  • To support Teachers in developing the best delivery styles within the subject area. 
  • To support Teachers to have the expected knowledge, understanding and skills relevant to the delivery of the subject.
  • To support Teachers differentiate teaching to meet the needs of students of all ability ranges taking into account varying interests, experiences and achievements of boys and girls in different cultural and ethnic groups to help them make good progress.
  • To support staff using ICT effectively in delivery of teaching and learning of the subject.
  • To advise staff on the provision of homework and other out-of-class work which consolidates and extends work carried out in the class and encourages students to learn independently.
  • To take a lead in the training, continuous professional development and other learning activities as required including participation in the school's performance management arrangements.

To adhere to the ethos of the school:

  • To promote the agreed vision and aims of the school.
  • To set an example of personal integrity and professionalism.
  • Attendance at appropriate staff meetings and parents evenings.

Any other duties as commensurate within the grade in order to ensure the smooth running of the school.


  • Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Category: Secondary
  • Salary: £38,597.00pa - £42,445.00pa